Spectacular Bridge Crossings for Runners

There are a handful of bridges in the world that should be on any runner’s ‘bucket list’. These bridges are destinations of themselves. They must meet a few criteria to be on our list: they must be unique or spectacular in some way, at least 1/2 mile in length, and shave proper accommodation for pedestrians. We do note that many of the world’s iconic bridges are car only. Boo-hoo!

Two Bridges

New York City – Manhattan

Incorporating one New York’s iconic bridges is an integral part of the running experience in New York City. Brooklyn Bridge is a ‘must do’. This nearly 4-mile run features the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.

Bridge Loop

Hilton Head Island & Area, SC

A good long run option in Hilton Head, this 12 mile loop incorporates the Cross Island Bridge, with great harbor and marsh views. There are bike lanes along nearly the entire run. Marshland Rd. offers a good canopy for those hot days.

Ringling Bridge and Area

Sarasota, FL

Possibly the most dramatic run in the Sarasota area, with great water views and even a bit of elevation! It's ~4 miles over the bridge to St. Armands Circle and back, with numerous add-on options.

Bridges Route – River Clyde

Glasgow, UK

We love this route that criss-crosses the River Clyde on some of Glasgow’s most interesting architectural feats. We've mapped a 7.4 km loop, but there are many options for vary the length given there's never more than 1 km between the bridges.

Arno River Run

Florence, Italy

A spectacular running experience, especially if you go early. Central section has wonderful tree-lined walkways with great views from the bridges. Further west and east sections have gravel paths. We've mapped 15 km along the river.

Putrajaya Area

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This city built on a grand scale has become KL's administrative center, with wide avenues, waterways, impressive architecture, and spectacular bridge. Wonderful running opportunities in this area include large parks, waterside paths.

Budapest ‘Runseeing Tour’

Budapest, Hungary

A 'runseeing' tour of Budapest, following the route of the Telekom Vivicitta Half Marathon. Incorporates City Park, Andrássy, Pest Inner City, Chain Bridge, a jaunt around Buda Castle, Danube sections on both sides, and Bajcsy-Zsilinszky. Options to cut out some sections.

Bosphorus River Run

Istanbul, Turkey

One of the most popular places to run in Istanbul is along the Bosporus River, from Kuruçeşme to Bebek. It's not a seamless waterfront path, but there are some great sections. A long-ish option is from the first to second bridges, nearly 6km.

Cologne ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Cologne, Germany

An 8 km 'Runseeing' tour of Cologne. Highlights include the Historic city, a jaunt along the refurbished Old Harbor along the Rhine, the old city walls in Friedenspark, the paths of Volksgarten, and a final jaunt through Old Town along Quatermarkt.