20 Beautiful Parks for Running: United States

One of the elements that defines a great city is if it features a substantial park. Central Park in New York, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Prospect Park in Brooklyn — these parks are an integral part of those cities. We’ve put together a list of the most beautiful park runs in United States cities. The criteria: must  be centrally located; that it be possible to do at a run of at least 3 miles within the park; and good paths or trails. Our list of the 20 most beautiful park runs in the United States is in alphabetical order, by city.

run in piedmont park

Piedmont Park

Atlanta, GA

Piedmont Park is the Crown Jewel of the central Atlanta running scene. The 189 acre park was designed by Olmsted’s sons and features 4–5 miles of fairly hilly paved and gravel running trails, ranging from open meadows to wooded sections.

The Emerald Necklace

Boston, MA

A greenway originally conceived by Frederick Law Olmsted, running 10 miles from the State House to Franklin Park. Highlights include the Comm. Ave Mall, Fens, Jamaica Pond, Arboretum, and Franklin Park.

Eden Park

Cincinnati, OH

The most popular park in Cincinnati, with many important cultural landmarks and lovely running trails. We've put together a lovely 4.6m run.

City Park

Denver, CO

City Park is the largest and most notable park in Denver. At 330 acres, the park contains a zoo, Museum of Nature and Science, and two lakes. We've put together nice loop of the perimeter and small lake

Rockefeller Park/MLK Drive

Cleveland, OH

A 3-mile linear park along Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Superior Avenue. Bike path runs along MLK Drive between University Circle and the lakefront. Can add on at the lake, or in University Circle area.

Fairmount Park

Philadelphia, PA

Many opportunities for running in one of the largest urban green spaces in the country. See the map for various loop and bridge options, along the water or interior trails.

Forest Park

Portland, OR

The largest urban forest in the United States. 80+ miles of soft-surface trails, fire lanes and forest roads, stretching for 7 miles along the eastern slope of the Tualatin Mountains. Tons of options here. We've mapped the first 3 miles of Lief Erickson Rd.

Roger Williams Park

Providence & Newport, RI

Elaborately landscaped 427-acre park and historic district is one of the loveliest urban parks in the United States. Our 3.1 mile loop runs past the Temple to Music, and The Roger Williams Botanical Gardens. Good 2-mile add-on as well.

Balboa Park

San Diego, CA

A gorgeous park, featuring 65 miles of trails through gardens, groves, and important San Diego sights such as the Zoo, and several museums. Many options for running, from trails by the sites to more wooded routes.